Patrice de Villiers for ES Magazine

Patrice’s latest shoot for ES Magazine is an exquisite still life fusion of luxurious objects and food in unlikely combinations.

Photography: Patrice de Villiers

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Personal project by Matt Barlow

In his latest project Matt focused on an artistic exploration of colour and texture – the fruits bring to mind organisms, suspended in a plasma kind of liquid, as seen through a microscope.

Photography: Matt Barlow

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Krzysztof Kozanowski for Usta Magazine

Having all our local end-of-year festivities behind us let us contemplate various traditions from around the world from Hanukkah to the Chinese New Year, from Krzysztof’s latest series for Usta Magazine.

Photography: Krzysztof Kozanowski

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Malou Burger for Organic Trade Board

Simplicity made extraordinarily scrumptious – it takes that special finesse, to give something already so appealing, that extra ‘organic’ touch of deliciousness and who could nourish your visual hunger better than Malou?

Malou Burger's portfolio

Photographer: Malou Burger
Client: Organic Trade Board

Krzysztof Kozanowski for Usta Magazine

This stylish, retro throwback to the swinging 60’s is bound to bring a substantial dose of nostalgia to the likes of Mad Men and meat jelly enthusiasts. Dive in and bask in the glory of vintage fine dining!

Photography: Krzysztof Kozanowski
Client: Usta Magazine

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Middle Eastern cuisine by Danielle Wood

Have a peak at Danielle Wood’s latest personal project which explores the colours, textures and richness of Middle Eastern cuisine.

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Photography: Danielle Wood