MENU & Maciej Miloch for Dom Bliskowice

Visual essay about the natural elements that come together to make Dom Bliskowice’s natural wines – the prehistoric lime stone terroir that the vines grow upon, the sun, the water of the meandering river. These elements, making up the boutique winery’s special microclimate, are complemented by ingredients discernible in the palette notes of the wines themselves.

Maciek Miloch's portfolio

Direction, DoP, Script: Maciek Miloch
Set Design & Art Direction: Joanna Musil
Client: Dom Bliskowice
Production: CONTENTS & MENU
Assistants: Paweł Bereda, Milosz Bandura
Edit, Colorgrading, Online: Tomek Goławski
Music: Beluga Stone – Inevitable return of metaphysics

Krzysztof Kozanowski for Usta Magazine

How to boost your immunity is a trending topic in these pestilence ridden times, hence we present an editorial shoot by Krzysztof Kozanowski for Usta Magazine, on said subject matter. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Krzysztof Kozanowski's portfolio

CLAY.WARSAW. Where your ideas take shape.

We’re excited to present CLAY.WARSAW – the new home of Menu, and our new creative concept consciously designed to inspire, foster creativity, promote innovation and encourage collaboration. CLAY.WARSAW seamlessly fuses the functions of a creative content studio, a versatile shoot location, art & event venue and creative office space.  CLAY.WARSAW is also home to our sister companies Photoby and Analog/Digital.
Photography: Ernest Wińczyk
Styling: Joanna Von Musil

Mexican cuisine by Danielle Wood

Have a look and take in all the visual vibrancy that just screams ‘Viva la Mexico! in Danielle Wood’s personal project which explores the Mexican culinary culture.

Danielle Wood's portfolio

Patrice de Villiers for ES Magazine

Patrice’s latest shoot for ES Magazine is an exquisite still life fusion of luxurious objects and food in unlikely combinations.

Photography: Patrice de Villiers

Patrice de Villiers's portfolio

Personal project by Matt Barlow

In his latest project Matt focused on an artistic exploration of colour and texture – the fruits bring to mind organisms, suspended in a plasma kind of liquid, as seen through a microscope.

Photography: Matt Barlow

Matt Barlow's portfolio