Middle Eastern cuisine by Danielle Wood

Have a peak at Danielle Wood’s latest personal project which explores the colours, textures and richness of Middle Eastern cuisine.

Danielle Wood's portfolio

Photography: Danielle Wood

Maciej Miloch for WrapMe!

This campaign for WrapMe!, a concept developed by Salad Story, is the result of a one man show, starring our very own Maciej Miloch in the role of photographer, food stylist and set designer. Chapeau bas!

Client: WrapMe!
Photography: Maciej Miloch
Food styling: Maciej Miloch
Set Design: Maciej Miloch

Maciek Miloch's portfolio

Breakfast by Danielle Wood

Check out Danielle’s vibrant and playful stop motion animations.  We honestly can’t get enough of these colours! To see the whole series, click here.

Danielle Wood's portfolio

Photography: Danielle Wood

MENU & Richard Pullar for TBWA Switzerland / McDonald's

Recently we had the pleasure to work with TBWA Switzerland on their explosive idea for McDonald’s, at Richard’s London based studio. With Gaston’s and Davy’s crispy ideas, our long-standing experience in McDonald’s productions and Richards undoubted ‘flying burger’ expertise it could be nothing but a blast!

Richard Pullar's portfolio

Client: McDonald’s
Agency: TBWA Switzerland
Art Direction: Davy Renaud & Gaston Filippo
Photography: Richard Pullar

Krzysztof Kozanowski for Usta Magazine / Miss Mellow

Without sugarcoating, this retro styled shoot for Usta Magazine is an eye candy bound to arouse some serious glucose cravings.

Krzysztof Kozanowski's portfolio

Photography: Krzysztof Kozanowski
Client: Usta Magazine

Maciej Miloch for Usta Magazine

Have a peak at the fruits of a beautiful collaboration between two of our artists. Maciej Miloch shot this vibrant editorial for Krzysztof Kozanowski’s Usta Magazine.


Photography: Maciej Miloch
Set design: Joanna Musil
Client: Usta Magazine