Up close and personal by Malou Burger

Presenting a study of colours, textures and shapes in this personal project by Malou.

Malou Burger's portfolio

Malou Burger for Electrolux

Presenting a beautiful lifestyle campaign shot in Warsaw by Malou for Electrolux.

Malou Burger's portfolio

  • Agency: DDB NY
  • Art Director: Jason Sheldon

Krzysztof Kozanowski for Usta Magaznie

In collaboration with vegan chef Michał Gniłka, Krzysztof shot this beautiful, dramatic series of Japanese mushrooms and the culinary masterpieces made out of them, for the Autumn issue of USTA Magazine.

Krzysztof Kozanowski's portfolio

New work by Jason Lowe

Autumn certainly has it’s perks; the colours, the smells and of course the food. The aroma of baked apples with cinnamon fills my head and I’m only an image away to kick back with a pair of bunny rabbit slippers and a cup o’tea. If a photo makes you feel all warm inside it certainly is a good photo and Jason certainly knows how to capture food in a way you can almost taste it.

Jason Lowe's portfolio

Patrice de Villiers for Liberté

Latest commission for Liberté yogurts by Patrice de Villiers. Simplicity and perfect balance accentuate the deliciousness of every spoonful.

Patrice de Villiers's portfolio

  • Client: Liberté

Richard Pullar for Pret a Manger

Richard shot Pret’s latest campaign promoting their ice cold selection of drinks. With a little twist, or rather, a little flip your favourite beverage is as good and as chillingly refreshing as a home made popsicle.

Client: Prêt a Manger

Richard Pullar's portfolio